As a student preparing for your career, it’s important you find an opportunity that offers challenging work in a learning environment. At Featherston Wealth Management, you will find that unique opportunity as you team with a Financial Advisor in their office. 

During the summer internship, you’ll develop valuable relationships with knowledgeable mentors and gain business-building, communication and networking skills. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll be in the unique position to really see what it’s like on a daily basis to be a successful Fiancial Advisor.

Recent Graduates 

Take the next steps to your future.

Being an Financial Advisor is a rewarding career that’s full of opportunity – for the right person. It’s a challenging role that requires outstanding relationship skills and personal drive.

What to expect in the selection process:

Qualified applicants progress through a series face-to-face interviews and other activities designed to provide you with a realistic view of the work required to build a successful practice.
The process takes approximately 60-90 days but can vary depending on your schedule as you move through the process.

Experienced Professionals

You have a vision for you or your firm. Because realizing that vision may require change, FWM designed a transition strategy just for you. By combining hands-on guidance from a dedicated team with an online portal tracking your progress, your transition to FWM works as a true partnership at every step. It’s time to make your move to Featherston Wealth Management!


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